The 2nd Annual Conner M. Holland Foundation Fundraising Gala


We are proud to announce that the 2nd Annual Conner M. Holland Foundation Fundraising Gala was a huge success, giving our attendees the opportunity to see first-hand how the foundation impacts the lives of families affected by pediatric cancer. With close to 190 individuals in attendance, it was wonderful to see the community come together to support our organization, and to also enjoy a relaxing evening of elegance and conversation at the Eden Resort in Lancaster, PA.

To help attendees gain a different perspective as to how our programs help families affected by pediatric cancer, we welcomed Susanne “Nurse Susie” Stantzos, a nurse who also took care of Conner, to speak about her experiences. “There was a mother who spoke Spanish and was taking care of her daughter in the hospital,” she said. “Her daughter was having a difficult day and had vomited all over her clothes. I provided her daughter with a pair of Conner’s Comfy PJ’s from the foundation. Even though there was a language barrier between us, the mother just hugged me tightly and told me how much the pajamas meant to her and her daughter.”

Angela Drzewiecki, a mother with a special needs child, and Emily Walker, a single mom and nurse, both shared their own personal stories of battling pediatric cancer and received grants in 2014. “I don’t know what we would have done if the foundation wasn’t there to help us,” said Angela Drzewiecki.

Last year we were able to provide financial assistance to eight families, giving them approximately three months of help with their rent and utilities. We gave them the opportunity to take the time to care for their children without having to worry about their expenses. This is the message that our foundation is built upon.

Although 2014 was a year of successes, we recognize there is still much work to be done. Through the partnership of our generous donors, we now have almost $25,000 that we can use to help families who are affected by pediatric cancer. This generous contribution will not only provide us with an opportunity to help more families this year, but also allow us to continue to expand our reach outside of our region and into South Central Pennsylvania.

We sincerely thank all who contributed to making this year’s Gala a bigger success than ever!

About the Conner M. Holland Foundation and How You Can Help

Caring for a child with pediatric cancer is one of the most challenging situations any parent could face. Medical problems quickly turn to financial issues as one or both caregivers stop working to focus on the health of their child. During this struggle, no one should have to worry about growing stacks of unpaid bills. At the Conner M. Holland Foundation, we aim to relieve families of financial and emotional burdens as they walk through the journey of a life-threatening illness. Since forming the foundation in the Spring of 2012, we have provided grants to 11 local families to help them as they fight pediatric cancer. We believe that together, we can make a difference.

If you would like some information about our foundation or how you can help, please contact us at, or call us at 717-850-3540.

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