The Conner M. Holland Foundation exists to assist families affected by pediatric cancer.  To that end, we have several programs to meet the needs of our families.

Financial Grants

Caring for a child with pediatric cancer is one of the most challenging situations any parent could face. Medical problems quickly turn to financial issues as one or both caregivers stop working to focus on the health of their child. During this struggle, no one should have to worry about overdue bills. At the Conner M. Holland Foundation, we stand alongside families to help relieve financial and emotional burdens as they walk through the journey of a life-threatening illness.

The Conner M. Holland Foundation’s financial grant program follows a formalized process to determine need. We partner with social workers from both The Penn State Hershey Medical Center and Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) to find applicants who could benefit from our services. Upon referral, each applicant files a formal request and a board member interviews the family to understand the family’s financial hardship. Once approved, the Foundation will pay a grantee’s rent, mortgage, car loan, etc. to ensure donor money is properly distributed.

Conner’s Comfy PJs

Children who receive inpatient hospital care for cancer are typically limited in their ability to play, often times spending most of their days in bed. We believe making a child comfortable during their stay is important to their overall well-being. We created the Conner’s Comfy PJs program to meet this need. Each year during the month of May, we collect new pajamas that are distributed year round to pediatric cancer units at The Penn State Hershey Medical Center and Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP). During our first year, we collected over 700 pairs of PJs.