Martin Dalen


Meet 3yr old Martin from Lancaster! Martin is our latest little warrior fighting ALL. He’s getting a lot of love here from his big sister Naomi, and there is more love on the way, as his baby brother will be arriving this Fall. The Dalen’s were in the middle of moving when they received Martin’s diagnosis. Needless to say, this family has a lot on their plate. The CMHF was happy to step in and pay their mortgage next month to ease some of the financial stress.

Adalyn Lotito


This ray of sunshine isn’t going to let anything keep her down!! Adalyn Lotito, age 7, is fighting ALL. She wanted mom and dad to be there with her on spinal tap days, which was a difficult task for them since one always had to be working to keep up with the expenses of fighting pediatric cancer. In fact, dad was picking up extra hours to make ends meet. The CMHF is taking a bit of the weight off the Lotitos shoulders, and is making it possible for them both to be there by paying their mortgage for the next 5 months. Mom says “This gift allows us to just be there and focus on getting Adalyn well, and making her and her sister a priority”. On the day the envelope arrived to their home with their mortgage payment in it, we received this message from Mrs. Lotito “Truly, the envelope came on the perfect day, I just sat and cried. This week has been a grueling emotional week. Its all catching up to us and things just got really hard really quick. This gift just really showed us we can do this, we will get through it. You have helped so much!! Truly, it was getting down to the wire as to how we were going to do this, and this truly takes the weight off our shoulders, and I can tell you all truly care about Addie”.

The Musser Family


Allyson Musser, age 3, was diagnosed with Stage 4 Neuroblastoma in March of 2018. Their lives were turned upside down while trying to comprehend the diagnoses, and the road ahead of them. Kevin and Glenda were struggling to spilt their time between working, caring for Allyson at the hospital, and taking care of their other two children (Olivia and Stella). The CMHF has stepped in, and is paying their mortgage for the next four months to try an make life just a little bit easier for them.   Glenda writes, “we feel so very grateful for your generous help in relieving the financial pressures that come along with such a tragedy. Thank you so much Conner M Holland Foundation, we feel so blessed”.

Olivia (5), Stella (10mos), and Allyson (3)

Allyson wearing one of the hats her grandma made for her.

Christmas 2017

Meet Anna


Anna Lesher is nine months old and was diagnosed with infant ALL in January 2018. To keep mom by Anna’s side and allow dad to care for their other four children, the CMHF is paying the Lesher family’s mortgage for five months while Anna undergoes treatment at CHOP. The family writes, “We are so grateful for the help the from the Conner M. Holland Foundation. Time to spend with our children instead of worrying over getting the extra time in at work or doing extra to save money, that is invaluable. To be able to focus on our daughter and our other children at this time is an amazing gift and we are very thankful to you for helping our family. I am ever so grateful and this is a beautiful way to honor Conner by helping other families.”


Anna getting a smooch from her big sister Sarah.