Conner’s Comfy PJ Distribution Has Begun for 2015!



The 2015 Comfy PJ distribution has begun for this year, and we are so excited to get new pajamas packed and delivered to our partner hospitals throughout the region. The journey from collection to distribution is not taken lightly, and we pride ourselves in giving each of our pajamas a “special touch” before it is distributed throughout the area. It’s what Conner wanted for every child who is affected by pediatric cancer, and we enjoy fulfilling his wish for those who have to spend time in the hospital.

2015 Comfy PJ Packing

Pajama Packing Day: Many volunteers of friends and family get pajamas ready for distribution!

The distribution process takes not only planning, but involves many helping hands in getting things organized and ready to go! Sheryl Holland, co-founder of the foundation, gets excited about packing the pajamas, and says that she “holds a ‘pajama packing day’, where friends and family come to my house and help me pack pajamas.” To start off the packing day process, new pajamas are collected and sorted based upon gender, season, and size. They are then folded, labeled, and packed neatly into ziplock bags. To add a personal touch let them know that we care about their children’s comfort while spending time in the hospital, we include a special note explaining Conner’s wish, along with our contact information.

Once the pajamas are packed and ready to go, each partner hospital is contacted to ask if they need pajamas and we are proud to say that we have never been turned down yet! Sheryl Holland says, “The difference our pajamas bring to families affected by pediatric cancer cannot be measured, as we receive lots of messages and letters saying that their children just smile when they receive their new pajamas. One mom said that her child is admitted often for treatment and she gets so excited to see what new pajamas she will find in her room.”

2015 PJ Drive Packing Day

Pajama Packing Day: Lots of pajamas are collected and sorted for distribution to partnering hospitals throughout the region.

We recently distributed 60 pairs of pajamas to Hershey Medical Center on July 31st, as they ran out of a certain size from the 1,100 pairs we gave them last year. They will get another batch of several hundred around Christmastime. As of right now, 775 pairs are packed and ready to go to St. Jude, Lehigh Valley, St. Christopher, and Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

We are also excited and in the process of adding Pittsburgh Children’s Hospital and Geisinger (Janet Weis Children’s Hospital) to our distribution list! This will allow us to extend our reach and cover the entire state of Pennsylvania. In addition, we also give each of our family grant recipients a pair of pajamas.

For more information about our program, or if you would like to collect or donate a pair of pajamas, please contact us at We accept Boys & Girls pajamas, sizes 12 months to 15/16/17 teen sizes, with new tags only and appropriate images (no scary images, please). You can also support our program by holding your own PJ drive, as donations can be made anytime throughout the year.

About Conner’s Comfy PJ Drive

Children who receive inpatient hospital care for cancer are typically limited in their ability to play, often times spending most of their days in bed. We believe making a child comfortable during their stay is important to their overall well-being. We created the Conner’s Comfy PJs Program to meet this need. Each year during the month of May, we collect new pajamas that are distributed year-round to pediatric cancer units at the Penn State Hershey Children’s Hospital, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP), St. Christopher, St. Jude, the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh, and the Lehigh Valley Hospital. Since the beginning of the program in 2012, we have collected and distributed over 4,500 pajamas to children across the region.

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