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From One of Our Families: Victoria Shacreaw


Last month, I had the pleasure to meet Victoria Shacreaw, a family from York PA, who was kind enough to share her experiences with pediatric cancer. Here’s Victoria in her own words:

“Our daughter Emily was diagnosed with brain cancer November 21st 2014 at only 17 months old. That day forever changed our lives. From the start was a 3 day hospital stay just for an MRI, then a break for Thanksgiving, then back to the hospital for a brain biopsy of the tumor in her brainstem. That was a 5 day hospital stay. Then the hospitals stays kept coming.  [We kept] driving back and fourth 90 miles round trip, with my husband having to take days, even weeks, off of work so someone could be home taking care of our other 2 children while I was at Hershey taking care of our daughter.  Now every Monday he takes off work so I can take our daughter to get her Chemotherapy. All the time off work and driving and medical bills on top of bills has really strained our family financially.

It came down to the point we needed help, more help then I was willing to admit at the time.  Our social worker at the hospital referred us to the Conner Holland Foundation and they reached out to us and asked us what we needed help with.  We discussed everything over the phone and face to face, they said they could help us and at that moment I felt a relief for the first time in 7 months.  We are so thankful that there are foundations like this that are there to help families out, because when it comes to childhood cancer, not only does it effect your child but it effects the whole family emotionally and financially. Thank you so much Conner Holland Foundation for relieving some of the pressure we had on us, we are so thankful for you guys!”


Victoria (left) and Emily Shacreaw

Victoria (left) and Emily Shacreaw